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Sharing recent updates from some of the leading prop firms that occurred throughout March’24.

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Hello everyone! Well, we have wrapped up another month of 2024. The year is flying by, and that means we’re here to share all the recent updates from some of the industry’s leading prop trading firms that occurred throughout March of 2024. Now, these updates include some changes that companies made, from adjustments in trading objectives and regulations to the introduction of new features and the removal of some existing ones. There’s plenty to cover, but that being said, let’s see what the industry has been doing.

Prop Firms March Updates! ALL IN ONE!

So, in no real particular order, let’s jump into the key prop trading firm updates for March 2024. 

Funding Pips

Alright, first on the list is Funding Pips, which rolled out two new trading platforms to elevate the trading experience for their clients.

  • They’ve introduced cTrader and TradeLocker to their platform lineup, just offering users more options to trade with confidence. 


FundedNext was also a company that made two significant enhancements throughout March.

  • They’ve announced the introduction of AstroPay as a new payment method.
  • Additionally, they have rolled out TradingView Beta for free trials, which empowers traders with advanced charting and analysis tools to make more informed investment decisions. 

E8 Markets

E8 Markets introduced two game-changing updates.

  • Firstly, they have created a vibrant Discord Channel Community fostering some more collaboration, discussion, real-time support for their traders.
  • Additionally, they have also announced the implementation of a streamlined one-phase evaluation process, which is still in the testing stages but essentially, it’s simplifying and expediting the evaluation process.

Finotive Funding

During March, Finotive Funding was also another company that created some great updates.

  • So, they shared the highly anticipated Finotive Pro one-step challenge, revolutionizing the evaluation process for their traders. You can join them to take your trading journey to the next level with Finotive Pro and enjoy the benefits of receiving a monthly salary in addition to the weekly profit splits. 

True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is another company that implemented some changes during March.

  • They have introduced a $5,000 account size across all four funding programs, which is providing their traders with a bit more options.

The Funded Trader

Next up is The Funded Trader

  • They have expanded some payment options by introducing both Apple Pay and Google Pay, making purchasing your evaluation account really easier than ever.
  • In addition, they have also introduced new features to their Dragon Challenge, including a 95% profit split add-on and account sizes of 3 and $600,000, respectively. 
  • However, please note that The Funded Trader has temporarily paused all operations and is working diligently to get everything sorted and reopen its doors for traders all across the globe. 

So a little bit of mixed updates there from The Funded Trader, but they’re a phenomenal company and they’ll be back roaring in no time.

Funded Trading Plus

Next up is Funded Trading Plus.

  • This March, Funded Trading Plus announced MatchTrader as a new trading platform, offering their traders some more options to trade with different precision and speed as well. 


MyFundedFX brought around two exciting additions through March.

  • So, they’ve introduced cTrader and MatchTrader as new trading platforms. 

Blue Guardian

The next company we will cover is Blue Guardian.

  • Now, their March updates bring great news as they have removed commissions on all trading instruments. 
  • They introduced both cTrader and MatchTrader as new trading platforms, providing traders again with enhanced options, some more flexibility while choosing their preferred trading platform. 

TopTier Trader

Next is TopTier Trader.

  • Throughout March, TopTier Trader also implemented an update to contract sizes of indices, providing traders with improved trading opportunities and flexibility. 

City Traders Imperium

Moving on to the next.

  • This March, City Traders Imperium introduced an automated verification system, streamlining the actual verification process for traders and ensuring a smoother onboarding experience. 

Goat Funded Trader

March also brings exciting additions to Goat Funded Trader.

  • They’ve introduced both ThinkTrader and MatchTrader as some new trading platform options, giving some of their traders some more features and enhanced tools. 


AquaFunded is another prop firm that introduced new things in Match. 

  • They introduced DXTrade as a new trading platform in March, offering traders some advanced features and tools for enhanced trading experiences. 

Glow Node

Glow Node has been busy in March.

  • They’ve introduced MatchTrader as a new trading platform as well.
  • They’ve reduced commissions to $5 per lot. 
  • Also, they’ve introduced swap-free trading and lifted restrictions on US traders. 

Bespoke Funding

Next up is Bespoke Funding. They’ve implemented some changes recently.

  • They have introduced Think Trader as a new trading platform and also lifted restrictions on US traders. 
  • Furthermore, by removing restrictions on US traders, Bespoke Funding opens up its doors to a much broader audience, fostering a more inclusive and diverse trading community. 

Top One Trader

Next is Top One Trader.

  • This March, Top One Trader was another company that introduced MatchTrader as a new trading platform and also lifted restrictions on US traders, expanding opportunities for traders globally.


MyFlashFunding will keep this simple.

  • They’re another company that’s introduced MatchTrader as their new trading platform, again offering traders some more advanced tools and features for success. 

Audacity Capital

March marks the sharing of Audacity Capital’s enhanced Funded Trader program. So, they have shared a series of transformative upgrades to its Funded Trader program.

  • Now, the most important changes really come in the form of a bold decision to eliminate monthly fees. 
  • Adding a layer of personalization to the program, traders can now choose their starting capital from the new three account sizes.


FTUK made some significant strides by announcing some trading platform additions and expanding its options for traders.

  • Additionally, out of the four they’ve already introduced, MatchTrader is just adding another powerful tool to their arsenal. And these new platforms just offer a diverse range of features and functionalities.

Forex Prop Firm

Alright, the penultimate company we’re going to cover today is Forex Prop Firm, which rolled out some major updates in March.

  • The updates include a $400,000 account size across all funding programs and a reduced commission fee structure.
  • They also introduced two instant funding programs: Advanced and Pro. 

Lux Trading Firm

And finally, last on our list, and certainly not least, is Lux Trading Firm.

  • They introduced a single update during the month of March that saw them introduce Broctagon as a new liquidity provider, further strengthening their trading infrastructure. 

Well, these have been the updates and changes of some of the leading prop trading firms throughout March to the end of Q1 of 2024. It’s certainly been a busy month, and as we can always see, the prop trading firm industry is evolving and growing, and prop trading firms are constantly looking to adjust and improve their offerings to traders. And we do anticipate the remainder of this year to be full of more growth and innovations within the industry.

Now, for more details about the Prop Firms March Updates, watch the Video:

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