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Let's look into the world of prop trading firms, specifically the top 10 firms for February 2024.
3 days ago 0 1430
Funded Trading Plus has announced the global availability of its advanced DXtrade platform.
4 days ago 0 2809
Funded Trading Plus proudly announces its partnership with Skrill, a digital wallet, as a new Payout Method.
1 week ago 0 2143
Funded Trading Plus has announced important migrations affecting its users. Learn more.
1 week ago 0 1843
Get valuable insights from Simon Massey, CEO of Funded Trading Plus in an exclusive FPR interview.
1 week ago 0 2718
Funded Trading Plus has declared a temporary suspension of new purchases for US Traders.
1 week ago 0 1941
Here is how you can get a 10% Discount for the prop firm, Funded Trading Plus.
2 weeks ago 0 1565
Funded Trading Plus disclosed an important update to its offering, impacting traders within community.
2 weeks ago 0 1763
Eightcap has officially announced the halting of brokerage services for all prop trading firms. Learn more.
2 weeks ago 0 1525
Funded Trading Plus has integrated ThinkMarkets into its array of supported brokers as a new Broker Option.

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