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Forex Prop Reviews Media Kit

Forex Prop Reviews offers highly customized advertising packages catering to individual Proprietary Trading Firm needs.

We build packages around our client business needs focusing on geo-targeting and diverse partnership models, in order to deliver clients with the best possible results.

Aligning your brand with Forex Prop Reviews is an excellent way to propel your Proprietary Trading Firm to the next level, while also building trust with traders.

Our goals to readers

Our goal is to help retail investors and traders find the best Proprietary Trading Firm for them. We feature Proprietary Trading Firms even if we don’t have a commercial relationship with them.

Our partnerships and sponsorship deals never affect the ranking or scores of the Proprietary Trading Firms.

Throughout our journey and every day in our work, we see success at this not just in our audience numbers but in user feedback and our media coverage as well. Forex Prop Reviews is now a recognized and reliable information source in the industry with dozens of prop firms and other financial service providers contacting us each month. This page is created to help current and future partners understand what we have to offer.

Audience distribution

Most of our audience is in the UK and the US. The majority of them are coming from English-speaking countries and we have visitors from 100+ countries.

If your Proprietary Trading Firm meets our quality criteria there are a lot of ways to get featured

-Placement Options for the news page

Height: 1024 Width: 512 Worldwide30 days€6,600
Height: 1024 Width: 512 Worldwide90 days€17,800

-Placement Options for the home page

Height: 728 Width: 90Worldwide30 days€11,600
Height: 728 Width: 90Worldwide90 days€29,300

-Placement Options for the discount codes page

Height: 468 Width: 60 Worldwide30 days€6,300
Height: 468 Width: 60 Worldwide90 days€17,100

2. Listings

-Listing for the home page

130 days€20,300
230 days€16,100
330 days€13,200
430 days€9,400
530 days€8,000
630 days€7,800
730 days€6,700
Last spot on the listing30 days€5,200

3. Prop related sponsored content/blog post

-Blog will be published here

Number of postsDurationPrice
1Lifetime on our news page€700
2Lifetime on our news page€1,150
3Lifetime on our news page€1,550
4Lifetime on our news page€2,000
5Lifetime on our news page€2,450

4. Prop related telegram post

-Post will be published here

Number of postsDurationPrice
1Lifetime on our Telegram€350
2Lifetime on our Telegram€550
3Lifetime on our Telegram€700
4Lifetime on our Telegram€950
5Lifetime on our Telegram€1,100

5. Video review

-Example of the video review:

Review time DurationPrice
7-10 minutesLifetime on our YouTube€3,700
10-15 minutesLifetime on our YouTube€4,200

6. Video interview

-Example of the video interview:

Interview time DurationPrice
10-15 minutesLifetime on our YouTube€4,700
15-25 minutesLifetime on our YouTube€5,200

7. Email marketing

-Example of email promotion:

Type of promotionGeo-TargetPrice
Link to postWorldwide€4,700

Would you like to start advertising?

Get in touch with us by email to start laying out partnership opportunities.

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