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6 days ago 0 2119
FTUK upgrades its payment Infrastructure by integrating Riseworks.io as a new payment option.
1 week ago 0 1359
FTUK has introduced Islamic accounts, also known as swap-free accounts, across all their platforms.
2 weeks ago 0 1529
FTUK cTrader is Now Live and added to its suite of trading platforms, enriching the trading experience.
3 weeks ago 0 1228
FTUK has launched the "FTUK Account Protector," an automated tool assuring risk management.
4 weeks ago 0 1185
FTUK is back with another news about a new trading platform integration: DxTrade is Now Live!
2 months ago 0 1986
Sharing recent updates from some of the leading prop firms that occurred throughout March'24.
2 months ago 0 2344
FTUK has launched its new trading platform, Match-Trader, to revolutionize your trading experiences!
2 months ago 0 1005
FTUK encountered issues in its operations as its partnered broker severed access to all accounts.
3 months ago 0 1426
FTUK plans to migrate accounts for its US-based traders to a new broker and trading platform.
3 months ago 0 1563
FTUK is introducing 4 new trading platforms: cTrader, Match-trader, Tradelocker, and DxTrade.

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