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Top 10 prop firms for Nov'23, which we've put together and ranked based on our personal experience.
2 days ago 0 1985
TFT has recently conducted a thorough analysis from August to October & revealed TOP 2023 Statistics.
6 days ago 0 2226
The Funded Trader is here with some fantastic discounts, two of which are Black Friday Discount Offers!
6 days ago 0 1325
In an exclusive TFT Interview, Arlindo Urucho has emerged as a shining star in the world of Prop ...
1 week ago 0 1150
Get ready for The Funded Trader King’s Program Statistics! Learn more about the high achievers of the week.
2 weeks ago 0 3100
In a candid trader interview with TFT, Miami native Steven shares the highs and lows of his trading ...
2 weeks ago 0 1284
The Funded Trader shared noteworthy company updates to enhance the overall trading experience.
2 weeks ago 0 1763
In a recent TFT Trader interview, they sat down with Jordan Williams, a 27-year-old trader hailing from Michigan.
2 weeks ago 0 3259
TFT has recently unveiled an exciting and innovative trading challenge known as the "Dragon Challenge."
3 weeks ago 0 1316
In a recent TFT Trader interview, Denzel Dube opens up about his journey into the world of trading.

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