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In this article, we are going to go through the CEOs who are managing the proprietary trading firms ...
2 weeks ago 0 1589
TFT latest pass rates for its trading challenges, highlighting the thorough nature of its models.
2 weeks ago 0 1122
The Funded Trader has added Plane as a new payment method for its global trading community.
2 weeks ago 0 1723
The Funded Trader new automated risk checks designed to streamline the trading experience for all.
2 weeks ago 0 10583
In this article, we will go through which proprietary trading firms accept traders from the United States to ...
3 weeks ago 0 2451
The Funded Trader important update regarding its current financial status and future plans.
2 months ago 0 1768
All recent updates from industry's leading prop trading firms that occurred throughout April 2024.
2 months ago 0 2061
The Funded Trader is back, and they are thrilled to share some exciting progress with their community.
2 months ago 0 1541
The Funded Trader plans to transition to a new ownership structure focused on charitable activities.
2 months ago 0 1608
The Funded Trader has shared an important message related to Payouts & Account Distribution.

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