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Forex Prop Reviews shares the review about Top Tier Trader. They’re one of the newer prop firms. They have enormous potential to become one of the best in the industry.

Let’s see if they have the requirements you’re looking for in a prop firm that suits you. 

Top Tier Trader was incorporated in October 2021. They’re located in Delaware, USA. They offer undercapitalized traders up to $600,000 in funding. They offer traders the potential to be funded up to two million dollars with their scaling plan.

Traders have to go through a two-phase evaluation process to become funded traders. Then they are eligible to profit shares of 80%. They provide their clients with Vital markets as their broker.

Top Tier Trader Funding Programs 

Top Tier Trader has different funding program options. The firm offers its clients an evaluation process of two phases where they have to hit a profit target of 10% with trading for a minimum of seven days for phase one. In phase two, clients have to hit a profit target of 5% by trading for a minimum of seven days. They must respect the 5% maximum daily loss and a 10% maximum overall loss during both stages. 

After passing two phases evaluation process, you become eligible for a payout. You are rewarded with a high 80% profit split. After completing the evaluation, you no longer have a profit target or minimum trading day requirements.

The only rules that you require to follow are:

  • 5% max daily loss
  • 10% maximum overall loss 

Scaling Plan

The scaling plan that they offer to their successful traders is that you can scale your account balance up to 25% every three months. So, to scale your account up, you need to have at least two out of three months positive while averaging a 6% or more significant profit over the three months. Traders can use Metatrader 4. You can trade 4x pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

The only prohibited trading methods are using EAs and copy trading. You’ve got funding accounts from 25,000 up to 200,000 with a chance to scale up in balance up to 2 million very high 80% profit split, bi-weekly payments, and relaxed trading rules.

There some certainly more details, so why don’t you watch the video:

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