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This time, Forex Prop Reviews produces a research-based ranking video for traders. The video presents the TOP 5 one-step prop firms. Considering all the advancements, the firms are regularly making, anyone can see that the select prop trading firm industry has been growing recently. The host is ranking the top five one-step funding programs. 

With these updates and improvements to funding, traders now have virtually endless options to find a prop trading firm that will suit their trading style.

Let’s begin the list of the TOP 5 one-step prop firms:


A one-step evaluation funding program is one option SurgeTrader, a prop trading company that debuted in September 2021, is providing to traders. The following one-step evaluation program account sizes are available to traders: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1 million dollars. Traders can use up to 1 to 10 leverages in the evaluation program account and up to 1 to 20 leverages if they choose the extra add-on feature.

There are just a few basic guidelines regarding the rules for the evaluation program accounts.

  • including the profit target,
  • maximum daily loss,
  • maximum overall loss,
  • stop-loss requirement,
  • lot size limit,
  • no weekend holding,

But overall, SurgeTrader is an excellent option.


FundedNext give traders a choice between two different funding programs. The express model, a one-step evaluation program, is one of these programs. 

The express model program accounts have a scaling plan, so there are a few rules to abide by regarding the express model program accounts, including the profit rule.

  • Target your maximum daily loss and
  • Minimum trading days for maximum loss
  • No holding on the weekend,
  • No news trading

Funded Trading Plus

Another excellent company to choose from is Funded Trading Plus, especially for its one-step evaluation program, which has many great features for traders of all experience levels.

The prop trading company Funded Trading Plus began operations in November 2021 and launched formally in December 2021. The firm gives traders the option to select from three different funding programs.

The Forex Prop Reviews list of one-step evaluation programs includes one of these programs, the experienced trader program, which gives users the option to select from the following account sizes: The size of a trader’s account can be twelve and a half, twenty-five thousand, fifty thousand, one hundred thousand, or two hundred thousand dollars.

City Trader Imperium

Prop trading company City Traders Imperium has been in business since July 2018, giving traders a choice between four funding options. Two of these programs are one-step evaluation programs, allowing traders to select between standard and classic funding programs for the following account sizes: $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, or $75,000 accounts.

They have scaling plans to assist traders in increasing their profits and experience, which is nice. This also applies to the standard evaluation program accounts.

There are many options available for traders, and City Traders Imperium is unquestionably a highly reputable prop trading company and a great choice.


The one-step evaluation program is one of two funding options traders can choose from at the prop trading company FTUK, which began operations in December 2021. The following account sizes are now available to traders, who can select between low-risk and aggressive account types: accounts for ten thousand, thirty thousand, four thousand, or forty thousand pounds.

They are another excellent illustration of what a good prop company should be, and their one-step evaluation process unquestionably ranks among the top five.

 To see the full details, watch the YouTube video:

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