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Forex Prop Reviews ranking video is based on all the research. These updates and improvements to funding allow traders to choose from much-unlimited possibilities to find a prop trading company that will suit their trading style. These are just the top five One-step evaluation Programs in Forex Prop Reviews opinion; the ranking is not in any particular order.

Top Five One-Step Funding Evaluation Program

Let’s take a look at the top five One-Step Funding Evaluation Programs:

SurgeTrader One-Step Funding Program

SurgeTrader began operations in September 2021. The following account sizes for the one-step evaluation program are available to traders: 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1 million dollars. Traders receive rewards for maintaining consistency during one phase of the evaluation.

Trading up to 1:10 leverage is possible on the evaluation program account up to 1:20 leverages if the additional add-on feature is chosen with no minimum or maximum trading requirements; the evaluation phase only requires a trader to hit a profit target of 10 while staying within their 4% daily loss or 5% trailing down rule maximums.

Simply reaching the profit target is the only requirement for funding. The only prerequisite is that traders don’t go the minimum or maximum trading requirements. Only the 4% daily loss and 5% maximum trailing drawdown rules must be followed by traders.

Now, if a trader is profitable on day one, they can ask for a 75 or 90 percent profit split. However, for a 30-day calendar period, the payout can be requested. Traders should also know that the evaluation program accounts have a scaling plan.


FundedNext Prop Trading started operations in March 2022 and gives traders a choice between two different funding programs. The express model (Consistency and Non-Consistency), a one-step evaluation program, is one of these programs.

Here’s the table that shows the features of both Express Models:

 Consistency AccountNon-Consistency Account
Max. Challenge Amount100K100K
Real Funding Amount100% of the challenge amount25% of the challenge amount
Min. Trading Days1010
Consistency RuleYESNO

The traders can trade from 1 to 100 in either express consistency or non-consistency accounts leverage in the evaluation stage of the Express model, which requires a trader to achieve a profit target of $25 without going over the daily maximum loss limits of 5% or the overall maximum loss limits of 10%. Because there is no cap on the number of trading days, traders can take as much time as they like.

The requirement for traders to trade for at least ten trading days each month does exist during the trading period.

Traders who complete the Express model evaluation phase are given funded accounts without profit targets. To be clear, Express consistency accounts are funded at 100% of the challenge amount, while Express non-consistency accounts are funded at 25%. 

The first profit split for traders will be 60% of their total profits, and they will also receive a 15% profit share based on the profits they make during the evaluation phase, with a first payout if profits are greater than 5%.

Funded Trading Plus

Funded Trading Plus began operating in November 2021 and went live in December 2021.

They are giving traders a choice between three different funding programs. The experienced trader program is one of these programs, which is why it is on the list of one-step evaluation programs.

The Funded Trading Plus experienced trader program account has no time restrictions. It allows traders to use leverage ranging from 1 to 30 after meeting the evaluation requirements.

A trader must achieve a profit target of 10 during the evaluation phase without going over their 3% daily loss or 6% maximum trailing drawdown limits.

Traders can trade at their own pace during the evaluation phase because there are no minimum or maximum trading day requirements. 

Traders can request payouts by making a profit of over $50 once per week. Traders start with an 80 percent profit split. This can be increased up to 90 percent. This happens when traders scale their accounts for the first time.

Traders no longer have profit targets and are only required to abide by the three percent daily loss and the six percent maximum and trailing drawdown rules.

City Traders Imperium

City Traders Imperium is a prop trading company that launched in July 2018 and gives users the option of four funding schemes.

For the following account sizes, traders can select between standard and classic funding programs from two of these programs, both of which are one-step evaluation programs: accounts with ten thousand, twenty thousand, four thousand, fifty, or seventy thousand dollars. To meet the requirements, traders may use 1:10 leverage on the standard evaluation funding program for up to six months.

During this time, they must make the desired profit and trade for at least 30 calendar days; traders must set a 1.5 percent maximum stop loss risk per position while trading.

Traders who complete the evaluation phase are given funded accounts with no profit targets and only a 5% maximum loss restriction. Withdrawal will not affect the account’s growth. Traders receive profit splits ranging from 50% to 100%.

There is no longer a maximum trailing loss; traders must only adhere to the five percent maximum loss rule. Remember that the withdrawal won’t stop the account from growing again. Traders can choose between a 50 percent to a 100 percent profit split depending on the type of trading program they want.


The final prop trading company to consider on the list is FTUK. This prop trading company began operations in December 2021 and is providing traders with two funding options, one of which is the one-step evaluation program right now.

After opening an FTUK low-risk evaluation program account, which enables traders to finish the evaluation process in up to 180 days, they can use up to 1:50 leverage and choose between US dollars or British pounds to fund their accounts.

Traders must reach the profit target during this period without meeting any minimum trading day requirements. 

They must also set a maximum stop-loss risk per position of 1.5 percent while trading. After completing the evaluation phase, traders are given funded accounts with no profit targets and only the five percent maximum loss restriction as a condition. Additionally, traders must set a 1.5 percent maximum stop loss risk per position.

Traders may request payouts from Level 2 or higher; FTUK‘s aggressive evaluation program allows traders to meet the evaluation requirements in up to 90 days. Accounts in aggressive evaluation programs don’t have a maximum stop-loss risk per position.

When it comes to the aggressive evaluation program account, there are a couple of essential rules to follow:

  • Profit target, maximum loss, maximum trading days required, stop loss and stop loss risk per position.
  • Consistency.
  • No hedging.
  • The maximum number of trading days required.
  • Maximum trading days required allowed, no Martingale allowed, and third-party copy trading risk. 

To see the details, watch the video:

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