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In an exclusive interview with the Forex Prop Reviews, Simon Massey, CEO of Funded Trading Plus, shared valuable insights into the origins, evolution, and future of the renowned proprietary trading firm.

Massey revealed that the idea for Funded Trading Plus originated in 2013 when he and a group of traders ran a live trade room. As traders approached him with inquiries about proprietary trading challenges, he recognized the need for a more trader-centric and transparent prop firm. This led to the establishment of Funded Trading Plus, aiming to simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary barriers.

Reflecting on the growth of Funded Trading Plus, Massey highlighted the challenge of scaling up while maintaining high standards. He emphasized the importance of consistency, simplicity, and trustworthiness in setting Funded Trading Plus apart from other prop trading firms.

Massey emphasized the firm’s focus on consistency and trustworthiness as the core strategies for success. By avoiding unnecessary restrictions and adopting a trader-friendly approach, Funded Trading Plus aims to provide a supportive environment for traders to succeed.

Interview with the CEO of Funded Trading Plus! + DISCOUNT CODE

Massey also discussed the firm’s commitment to supporting and nurturing traders. He emphasized the importance of fairness, accessibility, and treating traders properly. Furthermore, the CEO expressed his dedication to being accessible to the trading community, even personally engaging in live chat and addressing concerns directly.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Massey highlighted the importance of adapting to remote work and ensuring uninterrupted service. Scaling up to accommodate the surging interest in prop trading presented another significant challenge, which Funded Trading Plus navigated by focusing on its core values.

Moreover, Massey outlined upcoming initiatives, including an additional layer of due diligence on traders and the launch of the funded plus account. The due diligence aims to provide an extra layer of scrutiny, assuring the community of the integrity of its traders. The funded plus account, expected in the coming months, promises to enhance traders’ experiences by allowing them to trade on smaller accounts and expedite profit accumulation.

Massey also points to Funded Trading Plus’s reputation as the most compelling reason for traders to join. He urged potential members to check reviews and testimonials and engage with the community to witness the transparent and trustworthy nature of the firm.

In a direct message to potential traders, Massey invited them to explore Funded Trading Plus, highlighting the transparency of the firm and the readily available channels for inquiries. He encouraged skeptics to ask questions and not just take his word for it, reinforcing the openness and accessibility of Funded Trading Plus.

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