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Funded Trading Plus has responded to the recent injunction placed on My Forex Funds by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the United States. The CEO of Funded Trading Plus issued a candid and direct statement addressing the allegations. He expresses a commitment to transparency and ethical trading practices.

The CEO of Funded Trading Plus began the statement by acknowledging the shock and disbelief that had rippled through the trading community following the allegations against My Forex Funds

Funded Trading Plus CEO Statement

Funded Trading Plus CEO Statement Regarding the Current Scenario

To clear the air, the CEO of Funded Trading Plus stated that the firm has never knowingly engaged in practices that maliciously disadvantage traders. This includes creating artificial trading conditions and manipulating slippage, spreads, and commissions outside of real-market conditions. The CEO invited other firms to make similar statements in equally clear and unambiguous language.

The CEO emphasized the importance of transparency and direct communication with the trading community. They highlighted their active presence on platforms like Discord, where they engage directly with the community. Their no-nonsense approach to communication has been a hallmark of Funded Trading Plus since its inception.

In a show of goodwill, the CEO extended their support to traders, both current and potential. They acknowledged that not every trader may find Funded Trading Plus to be the right fit for them and pledged never to pressure anyone into a decision. Instead, they promised to provide clear and unambiguous information to help individuals determine if Funded Trading Plus aligns with their needs.

The CEO also shared Funded Trading Plus’s statement of good faith, authored by the firm’s owners, including themselves, Michael, and James. They believe that transparency and good faith have been instrumental in making Funded Trading Plus a leading firm in the industry. Recent controversies have only reinforced their commitment to this approach.

You can read the full CEO Statement here.

About the Firm

Funded Trading Plus is one of the fastest-growing prop firm providers. This is not surprising when you see the range of programs they offer. They provide simple rules, offer up to a 90% profit split, and have competitive pricing. The entry-level program starts from $12,500, and you can trade up to $2,500,000. FT+ offers Forex, indices, commodities, and the largest crypto offering available.

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