FT+ Payout Processes- A Community Announcement

FT+ update on some temporary changes they are making to their payout processes.

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FT+ wanted to share an important update with their community on some temporary changes they are making to their payout processes. As everyone is aware, following the My Forex Funds allegations, there has been some disruption with their key contracting partner, Deel, who no longer wishes to provide support to the industry. In response to this evolving situation, FT+ has been proactive in identifying and onboarding alternative providers.

Funded Trading Plus (FT+) Payout Processes

On a temporary basis, all payouts will be made via cryptocurrencies whilst the firm concludes its testing and onboarding with alternative providers of bank payments.  This is consistent with the vast majority of the firm’s contractors choosing crypto as their preferred method. It also allows them to keep the payouts as some of the fastest in the industry. 

Funded Trading Plus understands not everyone is familiar with cryptocurrency. Still, it’s really simple to set up an account, receive the crypto, and then withdraw it in the fiat currency of your choice (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.) to your bank account (and sometimes other providers like PayPal). It should take no longer than the time it took to register with Deel. 

Also, the prop firm has no affiliation with any provider, but companies such as CoinBase and Binance are the most popular and easy to set up. They can even just be used as applications on your smartphone. 

About the Firm

Funded Trading Plus is one of the fastest-growing prop firm providers. This is not surprising when you see the range of programs they offer. They provide simple, straightforward rules, offer up to a 90% profit split, and have competitive pricing. The entry-level program starts from $12,500; you can trade up to $2,500,000.

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