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Hello traders! It is the end of another week, probably the end of February. February has been a month full of surprises from Prop Firms. Not just February, but even if we take a look at this week, it was also excellent. So, Forex Prop Reviews thought to give you a weekly recap so you know what happened in the past week.

Prop Firm Industry Weekly Recap

Let’s start with the first day of this week, Monday.

  • On Monday, we shared the news that Blue Guardian has rebranded itself. Blue Guardian, a prominent proprietary trading firm, has announced its new name and its new website’s launch. The website showcases the company’s core values, expertise, and extensive experience in the financial markets.
    • You can read about it by clicking on the link.

  • On the same day, they announced their new tool, Guardian Protector. With their Guardian Protector, traders will never have to worry about hitting their daily loss limit again. The daily loss limit refers to how much a trader can bear in a single day.
    • Read about it by clicking on the link.

  • Next, we have True Forex Funds. Forex Prop Reviews uploaded an updated detailed review on our YouTube channel. We also shared an article related to them. They made some updates since the last time we did the review, so we made another one.
    • Click on the link to read the article. And to watch the video, click on this link.

  • Next up is ThorFX. ThorFx has announced a competition, ‘The Battle of the BOTS!’. This competition is calling all Thor Heroes. All you need to enter is your bot for the Funded Account Challenge. Why don’t you read about it by clicking on the link?

  • The news from The Funded Trader was that they had updated their challenges. They updated multiple things, so you can read about them by clicking the link.

  • The FundedNext team invites you to a free TradeTalk session with their seasoned professionals. This session will enable the firm to create a more personalized trading experience with its traders.
    • Read about it by clicking on the link.

Promotions and Giveaways

Various prop firms also offered promotions and giveaways this week. So let’s review the promotions and giveaways that haven’t expired yet.

  • Blue Guardian has also announced that they have a sale for traders on the occasion of the new launch. They are offering a 12.5% discount. Click on the link to read about it.
  • And to celebrate the Rebranding, Blue Guardian also announced they are having two giveaways, one for their Twitter community and the other for their Discord community. Click on the link to read the details.
  • The Funded Trader announced another new promotion, “The Major Key,” which includes 10% off + 125% Refund on all challenges. To read the details, click on the link.

Lastly, we have Discount Codes for all of these and other prop firms. Take advantage of it and end your weekend amazingly. And we hope Forex Prop Reviews weekly Recap has been helpful for you all.

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