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Weekly throwback of the prop firm industry about what happened in the past week!
1 year ago 0 1867
ThorFX Promotion where traders will get a 30% discount to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!
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Forex Prop Reviews presents you with all the latest prop news in one place!
1 year ago 0 1889
ThorFX is offering 20% OFF All funded account evaluations for users in their discord!
1 year ago 0 2356
ThorFX has announced 'The Battle of the BOTS!' Enter your bot for the Funded Account Challenge.
1 year ago 0 1848
Valentine's discounts and Giveaways that various prop firms offered and have not expired yet!
1 year ago 0 1925
ThorFX presents a Valentine’s Giveaway, offering a $10K Funded Account.
1 year ago 0 2502
ThorFX New Lunar Year giveaway: a 35% Discount on Funded Accounts.
1 year ago 0 2093
ThorFX 20% discount on All funded account evaluations using discord discount code!
1 year ago 0 2122
20% OFF on All ThorFX funded account evaluations for users in their discord. Learn the code!

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