ThorFX Battle of the Bots! Who’s Ready?

ThorFX has announced ‘The Battle of the BOTS!’ Enter your bot for the Funded Account Challenge.

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ThorFX is an established ECN broker that promotes and supports the success of traders. In addition to a wide variety of Funded Account options, you get access to an unrivaled dashboard to track your progress. Before receiving up to $200K in funding, traders must pass through a two-step evaluation process to demonstrate their expertise. With entirely attainable profit targets, you can’t go wrong with this broker.

  • No Limits on Trading Style
  • No Targets once funded
  • Refundable fee

ThorFX Battle of the Bots

Does your Bot have what it takes? ThorFX is here to see that. ThorFx has announced a competition, ‘The Battle of the BOTS!’. This competition is calling all Thor Heroes. All you need to enter is your bot for the Funded Account Challenge. The game aims to use your bot to get the most profits in 14 days.

If your Bot generated the most profits over two weeks, you could win the following:

  • 1st Prize: 50K Funded Account + a 20% discount for everyone who signs up to the FAC through your bot.
  • 2nd Prize: 100K Funded Account Challenge + a 20% discount on FAC entry for any users who sign up using your bot.
  • 3rd Prize: 50K Funded Account Challenge + a 20% discount for anyone who signs up for the FAC with your bot.

The rules for the ThorFX Battle of the Bots are as follows:

  • Sign up using your bot’s name.
  • Link to the bot promo page.
  • Make sure it’s your bot that you signed up with and is available for free or paid to the public and compatible with MetaQuotes.
  • Join ThorFX Affiliate Program – 5% commission rate.

Join the competition now, receive your login details, and be ready for the 6th of March. So, are you prepared to send your best bot to trade for you? Click on the link to get started!

Lastly, before starting with the firm, read the detailed review we have prepared for you. And don’t forget to see the discount codes we offer for various prop firms. Best of Luck with the Battle!

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