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Top Step– TradeStation & Topstep are parting ways.

”Our partnership with TradeStation has come to an end—as all good things do. As of February 1, 2022 traders will no longer be able to use TradeStation to complete their Trading Combine evaluation. However, Traders who have made it to the funded level prior to February 1, will be able to continue in their Funded Account using TradeStation. The last available date to purchase a TradeStation trading combine is November 10, 2021. 

Less than 4% of our traders are using TradeStation, and unsurprisingly we’ve seen an increased demand for NinjaTraderTSTrader, and TradingView. We know change is hard, but these supported platforms have ample benefits.

To direct your audience to these featured platforms, we’ve added three new affiliate links in TUNE: 

  • NinjaTrader ID# 75
  • TSTrader ID# 76
  • TradingView ID# 72”

The5%ers – On the 28th of October will present the The5ers Bootcamp webinar.

Register for free:

They also steaming live spread every day on their YouTube channel:

City Traders Imperium – Live Forex Analysis with Diego.

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