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Top 10 prop firms for Nov'23, which we've put together and ranked based on our personal experience.
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Supercharge your trading skills with The 5%ers FREE $100k Bootcamp as part of its Black Friday deal.
3 weeks ago 0 1191
In a recent 5%ers interview, Xolani, a South African part-time trader, revealed his journey.
3 weeks ago 0 1845
In a recent The 5%ers trader interview, Tharindu Tharuka, a dedicated full-time trader, shared his journey.
1 month ago 0 2113
This time, we are going to be talking about the 10 best Prop trading firms of October. Here ...
2 months ago 0 930
The 5%ers in a recent interview shared Tan and his impressive success story. Learn all about it.
2 months ago 0 8736
The proprietary trading firm business continues to expand immensely so we are here with prop firm three-step comparisons.
2 months ago 0 1741
In a recent interview, Spencer shared his remarkable journey to becoming a trader.
2 months ago 0 1604
The 5%ers have shared two game-changing features of their Bootcamp Program. Learn more!
2 months ago 0 2211
In this article, we will be making a general and instant funding comparison between The5ers and City Traders ...

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