True Forex Funds USDT Payout Now Available!

Traders can withdraw in USDT ERC20 with USDT payouts now available at True Forex Funds!

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The fastest-growing firm in the field of proprietary trading, True Forex Funds has a broad outlook. They offer cutting-edge technology and contemporary solutions to traders looking to advance their careers.

Traders can receive up to $400,000 through their funding program after passing their 2-Phase Evaluation Process. Additionally, the business can directly cover potential losses to traders.

Here are some facts about the company:

  • Incorporation date: October 2021
  • The CEO is Richard Nagy
  • Their Office is located in Gyor, Hungary
  • Maximum allocation limit: $400,000

To ensure that traders have access to a large amount of capital, the prop firms permit them to keep scaling their accounts with no maximum upside limit.

Here are more details of the firm’s challenges:

  • A maximum daily loss of 5% is allowed.
  • The firm enables a Maximum loss of 10%.
  • Phase 1 profit target 8%
  • Phase 2 profit target 4%

True Forex Funds USDT Payout Available

Big news Traders for True Forex Funds traders! 

The firm has announced that USDT payouts are available now for traders!

 Now, traders can withdraw their profit split in USDT ERC20 next to PayPal, bank transfer, or other methods via Deel.

The firm took this step to give leverage to its traders who have problems with their withdrawals. Introducing USDT payouts, the prop firm attempted to provide as much ease as possible!

 Also, remember that the prop firm is also running a Christmas discount. To know the firm’s Christmas discount details, click the link.

Also, we have a fantastic discount offer for all of you!

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Happy Trading, Traders!

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