True Forex Funds Holiday & New Year Offer

True Forex Funds’ exclusive offer for Holidays and the New year. Get 10% Discount!

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True Forex Funds is the fastest-evolving proprietary trading firm with an expansive vision. They provide ground-breaking technology and modern solutions for traders keen to advance in their careers.

Their funding program grants traders up to $400,000 upon successfully passing their 2-Phase Evaluation Process. The company can also directly cover traders’ potential losses.

Following are a few details about the firm:

  • Incorporation date: October 2021
  • The CEO is Richard Nagy
  • Their Office is located in Gyor, Hungary
  • Maximum allocation limit: $400,000
  • Phase 1 profit target 8%
  • Phase 2 profit target 4%
  • A maximum daily loss of 5% is allowed.
  • The firm enables a Maximum loss of 10%.

The prop firms allow traders to continue scaling their accounts with no maximum upside limit so that they can get their hands on plenty of capital.

True Forex Funds Holiday and New Year Offer

The New year and Christmas holidays are just a month away, and True Forex Funds has an advance gift for its community and traders!

The prop firm has an exclusive offer for the Holidays and New Year!

The firm announced that they want traders to take a chance in this holiday season’s market volatility. For this, they have extended Phase 1 trading periods for 45 days, just for the traders.

The holiday allows everyone to refuel and take on new challenges in life and the markets. So, this is your chance to excel in your trading journey.

So, traders take advantage of this great opportunity.

Have a Happy Holiday.

Also, no coupon code is needed because all prices are already reduced on the website.

All you have to do is select the challenge and platform that suits you and checkout. 

Traders can also get 15% Cashback by using Forex Prop Reviews Cashback Link

Happy trading, traders!

Enjoy the discount and cashback!

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