True Forex Funds Two Important Announcements!

TFF No more five minimum trading days by 2023 and introduction of cTrader soon.

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The fastest-growing firm in the field of proprietary trading, True Forex Funds has a broad outlook. Traders can receive up to $400,000 through their funding program after passing their 2-Phase Evaluation Process. Additionally, the business can directly cover potential losses to traders.

They offer cutting-edge technology and contemporary solutions to traders looking to advance their careers.

Here are some facts about the firm:

  • Incorporation date: of the firm October 2021
  • The CEO is Richard Nagy
  • The maximum allocation limit is $400,000
  • Their Office is located in Gyor, Hungary.

True Forex Funds Latest Announcement

True Forex Funds made a few clarifications regarding their latest announcement in their Discord. 

In 2023, as soon as the minimum trading days are introduced, the prop will remove the five minimum trading days on the Funded account to qualify for a bi-weekly payout. Next year, the firm declared that its main aim would be to help their Funded traders to succeed. The firm admitted that the current funded rule could push their traders into reckless trading decisions, leading to losses. 

They also confirmed that the traders can still enjoy their Christmas discount with a “No Minimum Trading Days” rule and other favorable trading objectives.

 The firm also clarified that the trading period starts with the first trade placed on the trader’s trading account. 

Another announcement was that the firm would announce that very soon, the trader would be able to choose cTrader next to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Many traders requested and wanted cTrader, and the firm will announce it soon. 

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