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Top Tier Trader announced the latest updates they will implement in 2023.

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With the Top Tier Trader, you may trade at your discretion and hold your trades as long as you want. The only restrictions are using EAs and copy trading, which is prohibited. As for trading platforms, they allow you to trade on Meta Trader 4.

The firm allows you to trade: 

  • Forex pairs with 100:1 
  • Leverage commodities with 40:1 leverage
  • Indices with 30:1 leverage
  • Cryptocurrencies with 2:1 leverage.

Top Tier Trader Important Updates

Top Tier Trader is ready for 2023. The firm’s goal in 2023 is to demonstrate commitment to improving its product. And to do this, they have made some adjustments to their programs in the short term to deliver their community a better experience in a long time. 

There are some updates that the firm has shared which are the following:

  • As of today (January 6th, 2023), the firm is implementing a lot size limit on all indices. This is a per-instrument limit of 5. This only applies to Funded accounts. All Funded accounts will possess a 5.0 lot size limit on all indices pairs. Traders will not be allowed to open more than 5.0 on specific assets with a funded account. Also, please note that Challenge accounts have no limits. (For more details, click on the link).
  • From today, all challenges will go from 30 maximum trading days to 40 maximum trading days. This is for Phase 1 of the challenges.
  • From Monday (January 15th, 2023), the indices contract size will be changed to 10. As a result, all open index orders must be closed by 5 pm EST on Friday, January 13th. The firm shared that if traders do not close their open index orders by 5 pm on Friday, their trades will be closed by the system for the update to take place. 

Great updates! We look forward to seeing what impact these updates have in the long run for the prop firm. 

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