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Thiago is a 29-year-old trader at The5%ers who has just successfully passed Level 1. He is now a funded trader with an 80K low-risk account on their platform and is already on a mission to reach 10% of profit to double his funds to 160K.

He quoted the following advice: ‘’Reduce the risk and embrace the fact that you can take losses, and it won’t affect too much in the long run.’’

Thiago’s account statistic:

His interview was about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the Forex market and our platform as a funded trader.

Click here to read his whole interview and check his trading statistics.

Would you agree that reducing risk is a beneficial skill to master for every trader?

How can an average trader start pursuing the dream of trading from home as a full-time job?

On December the 8th, they published an article where you will learn how to progress toward trading from home as a full-time job. They narrowed it down into five major chapters and a conclusion:

  1. Trade from home
  2. The new era of trading
  3. Extensive range of trading options available
  4. Trade full-time from home
  5. How to make full-time trading from home work for you?
  6. Conclusion

To check the complete article in-dept, click here.

The5%ers webinar about the higher funded traders and what they have in common

Ruben Abitbol from The5%ers hosted a webinar about higher-funded traders and their similarities in managing their trading accounts. He concluded that discipline and consistency are a must to attain a long-term, fruitful experience in trading.

You can watch the entire webinar below:

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