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The5%ers have three different funding program options. One of them is their $100k Bootcamp challenge model. It is based on passing three demo stages before getting a funded $100,000 account with the potential to scale it up to a high $4,000,000.

The Bootcamp challenge is made out of the following two stages:

  • Three demo stages which cost €85
  • Funded account stages ranging from $100,000 up to $4,000,000 in balance which required a one-time fee of €215 after completing the three demo stages

Three demo stage rules and parameters:

  • Profit target: 6%
  • Maximum loss: 5%
  • Account leverage: 1:10
  • Maximum time period to complete three demo stages: 12 months

Funded level rules and parameters:

  • Profit target: 5%
  • Maximum loss: 4%
  • Account leverage: 1:10
  • Payout: Up to 80% profit split

The5%ers 5% active discount link:

You can visit the The5%ers website, or read our review.

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