The Funded Trader Important Payout Update!

The Funded Trader has an important Payout Update to share about the recent payment delays.

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The Funded Trader has an important Payout Update to share. After back and forth with WISE, they have decided to put The Funded Trader account on withdrawal only (right after the deposit they made yesterday hit). This means TFT is not able to send out payouts via WISE. WISE is also refunding a few of the transactions that they have already sent. This is very disappointing but honestly helps bring closure to the issues TFT was having with them. The prop firm is ready to move forward with crypto. 

The Funded Trader Important Payout Update

For all payouts that were not successfully sent via wise on the following dates: 9/7, 9/11 – 9/15, 9/18 – 9/22, 9/25 – 9/26. TFT will be taking one of the following two actions. If your account was already enabled for trading, the firm will contact you directly for a crypto address to send your payout. If you’re still in payout pending status, TFT will just reject your payout; you will request a new one via crypto. TFT will immediately enable your account for trading, and then they will send your payout.

Moving forward, TFT will make all payouts via crypto (USDC, USDT, ETH via ERC20 and BTC) only. There is no maximum amount for withdrawal via crypto. 

The firm also shared that they understand there are a handful of countries that are not able to accept crypto. TFT is actively researching alternative payout methods for the longer term, including Skrill, rise, plane, and Payoneer. 

Moreover, Bank wire directly will not be available as the number of payouts they are sending on a daily basis would cause their bank account to be put under review. The priority for TFT is short-term stability, and crypto is the way. The firm will get all the payouts owed out as soon as possible, and pending how quickly everyone resubmits their payouts, they will clear as much as they can by the end of this week. Also, the payouts team will work through the weekend to clear payouts. Vietnam is now able to withdraw via crypto.

About the Firm

Here are some important facts about the firm:

  • Maximum balance of standard accounts up to $600,000
  • Four different funding program options
  • 80% profit split on all funded accounts
  • Leverage up to 1:200

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