The 5%ers Traders Day Live: Learn from 7-Figure Traders!

The 5%ers brings another chance to learn from the best with “Traders Day Live” Event!

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The 5%ers Funding Traders & Growth Program was introduced in 2016 to give full-time traders access to more capital than they would typically have. They are fervently committed to their line of work. The 5%ers is a legally recognized UK company with its headquarters in London and 14 Haroshet Street in Raanana, Israel.

You can manage account sizes up to $4,000,000 and open three accounts simultaneously. Depending on your selected funding program, you will be compensated with 50% to 100% profit splits.

The 5%ers Traders Day Live Event

When it comes to educating traders, The 5%ers are always a part of it. The 5%ers bring their community another chance to learn from the best of the best. The 5%ers event is called the ‘Traders Day Live Event.’ The 5%ers claim it to be Europe’s largest educational meet-up trading event. Traders will get the chance to learn from 7-figure traders.

The 5%ers Traders Day Live Event takes place on 17th June 2023. So, join them in London. There will also be a Traders Day Tournament where traders will have to prove their skills and earn prizes.

Prove your trading skills to get to the top.

  • Forex and Stocks head-to-head
  • Real-time data feed
  • 2 hours of excitement and adrenaline
  • Prizes in different criteria

So, let’s focus on the Agenda Highlights:

  • ​The high-performance mindset in trading
  • What are the best trading opportunities for the end of 2023?
  • How to become “the house” in your trading
  • Building your winning strategy by trading as an institutional
  • How your stop losses are harming your trading
  • Use big data to give yourself an edge

Participation is free to all attendees, but registration is limited and required. Seats are limited. Save yours now! This is a great chance to demonstrate and learn from the traders with seven figures. So, go ahead and join the event. For more details and registration, click on the link.

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