The 5%ers Trader Santi Interview- $60k Funded Trader!

In a recent interview with The 5%ers, a trader Santi Othivet from Laos discussed his trading journey.

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In a recent trader interview with The 5%ers, Santi Othivet, a 28-year-old trader from Laos, opened up about his trading journey and strategies that contributed to his success. Othivet, who started trading with his own funds in 2019, revealed key aspects of his trading plan and the challenges he faced in his career.

Othivet’s trading plan revolves around simplicity and relies on real-time economic news analysis using the TradingView website. His main strategies include employing Elliott Wave, Trend Rider, Support and Resistance, and SMC. This multifaceted approach allows him to navigate various market conditions effectively.

The 5%ers Trader Santi Interview

The 5%ers Trader Santi Interview

Moreover, acknowledging the imperfections of trading, Othivet emphasized the importance of taking breaks after a bad day. Almost hitting the maximum drawdown with The 5%ers, he shared that reflecting on mistakes and making a concerted effort to come back contributed to overcoming challenges.

To align risk management with his trading personality, Othivet sets a daily profit target of 1% of the initial balance. When this target is met or if he incurs losses, he stops trading for the day. This disciplined approach helps him maintain consistency in his trading.

One standout moment in Othivet’s career was during a war, where he opened a significant Buy trade that resulted in a substantial profit of over 1500 points. This experience stands out as one of the highlights of his trading journey.

Furthermore, utilizing a mix of strategies, with a focus on Elliott Wave, Trend Rider, Support and Resistance, and SMC, Othivet successfully navigated The 5%ers evaluation process. His disciplined and organized approach to trading aligns with the rules set by The 5%ers, contributing to his success within the prop firm.

Othivet highlighted the increased organization and adherence to trading rules when working with The 5%erscompared to trading with his own funds. The structured environment provided by The 5%er has positively influenced his trading performance. Read the Full Interview here.

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