The 5%ers -Exciting Plans & Projects for 2023!

The 5%ers 2022 Recap and the plans for 2023, includes a London Event, resuming Trade the Pool, etc.

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The 5%ers is a proprietary firm with an office based in the UK, London. They allow you to trade on MetaTrader 5 while using a 3rd party program as their broker. Their headquarters are located at the address 14 Haroshet st, Raanana, Israel.

The 5%ers 2022 Recap and 2023 Plans

The 5%ers shared its 2022 recap and plan for 2023. The firm claims to have big news and projects for its traders in 2023. 

Let’s take a look:

Launching TTP – Trade the Pool

  • In 2022 summer, The 5%ers started the Trade the Pool, and a lot of traders from the forex market came and tested it. The firm can provide day traders with as little $300 entry fee with an account like the big leagues, trading with $80K or $260K, which is fantastic for all traders but specifically for day traders that usually need at least $25K to start trading.

The 5%ers End-of-Year Marathon

This was a trading strategies marathon where for 6 hours, the firm presented the trading strategies they use in the market. It was very detailed. This also included a lot of prizes and Raffles in the middle.

2023 News and Projects

The 5%ers is working on a new program that will be launched soon. They’re working hard for June when they host a big event in London. The event will have a lot of top traders and coaches from the industry, like Steve Ward, etc. It will be packed with content workshops, education, and fun stuff. There will be a live trading tournament too.

It’s an event for traders; it’s not a broker’s event, it’s an event specifically for traders, and everybody there will be a trader in forex, commodities, options, crypto, and stocks.

The next steps for Trade the Pool

The 5%ers are gathering more data on the traders, understanding them better to bring extra programs like the Christmas deal, where they increase the profit split for the traders and also give them more time to pass the evaluation.

There are a lot of details; you can click on the link to read about them.

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