TFT Trader Natasha Interview- Insights about Mental State!

In a candid and exclusive interview with TFT, Natasha opens up about her remarkable journey.

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In a candid and exclusive interview with TFT, Natasha, a trader with a decade of experience, opens up about her remarkable journey in the world of trading. From her beginnings to her current strategies, Natasha provides invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs of her trading career. Natasha embarked on her trading journey a decade ago, driven by the fascination of chart analysis and the desire to understand market movements.

TFT Trader Natasha Interview

Like many traders, Natasha used numerous trading strategies before finding one that perfectly suited her personality and style. Natasha admits her love for analyzing market charts, a crucial aspect of trading that has captivated her throughout her journey.

She also emphasizes the introspective nature of trading, describing it as a powerful mirror that reflects a trader’s personality, qualities, and areas for growth. She recalls a time when she believed her job was costing her money due to lack of experience. These initial hurdles challenged her commitment to trading.

Moreover, Natasha acknowledges the pitfalls of consuming a surplus of trading information, emphasizing the importance of finding a strategy that works best for an individual.

She also highlights the importance of specialization and effectively learning to trade a few pairs rather than chasing every trading opportunity. Natasha reveals that cultivating patience was her most significant challenge in trading as she grappled with the allure of quick gains.

Natasha’s current strategy is a fusion of smart money concepts, quarter points, key levels, and market structure analysis. She uses Renko charts for a clean, noise-free view of market movements.

With a decade of experience, this is definitely something you should watch:

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