TFT Interview with Aaron Yoon- Success & Experience

In a recent TFT interview, Aaron, a New York-based trader shares his recipe to remarkable success.

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In a recent TFT interview, they had the privilege of sitting down with Aaron, a New York-based trader who has achieved remarkable success. Aaron shared his experiences, challenges, and insights into the world of trading, shedding light on his unconventional path to profitability.

Aaron’s journey into trading began with a twist. Despite having an IT background, he found himself working on the technology team at a hedge fund in New York City. This unconventional start paved the way for his foray into trading, a field he initially had no prior knowledge of.

What sets Aaron apart from many traders is his approach to learning. Rather than diving headfirst into various courses and resources, he took a strategic approach.

Recent TFT Interview with Aaron Yoon

“I only wanted to learn from people who survived the financial crisis of 2008. I knew that from even before I knew what a long way or a short way,” Aaron explained. Aaron’s trading strategy, known as The Quarters Theory, is characterized by its simplicity. He attributes much of his success to this straightforward approach. Despite the natural human tendency to complicate things, Aaron realized that sometimes, less is more.

One of Aaron’s most significant struggles on his trading journey was managing his emotions. He highlighted the pressure of trading his own money and the need to make every trade count. “Every big loss and I was also trading too risky before I learned proper risk management,” he admitted.

Aaron emphasized that executing a trading strategy consistently while maintaining emotional composure is an ongoing challenge. “You can never fully master it because it’s always a challenge against yourself,” he remarked. He likened professional trading to a mental sport, where the first opponent is always oneself.

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