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FTUK improved their Dashboard. Enjoy the upgrade now!

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FTUK is a proprietary firm with an office based in the UK, London. They offer their traders up to three accounts with a £2,240,000 balance in size and use Eightcap as their broker.

They are a registered UK company under FTUK Ltd, with company number 13793849.

Traders can choose from an instant funding program and an evaluation program. To become funded in the evaluation program, traders must pass their 1-Phase Evaluation Process.

After doing so, they have specific Profit Targets that they must reach to scale their account balance. Traders can get 50-80% profit splits—also a double up on their account balance after successful completion.

  • Instant funding
  • Single-phase evaluation process
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5
  • Reliable support

FTUK Dashboard Upgrade

The prop firm, FTUK, announced yesterday that they had upgraded their dashboard. The upgraded dashboard will now have more improvements, such as automatic account creation, soft breach warnings, and automated payouts!

The firm also announced that:

  • Stop losses on the low-risk programs are now required to be set at the trade execution. 
  • They can no longer be set after 2 minutes. 
  • Trades opened without a stop loss will be automatically closed.

The firm has provided the new link for any newly registered accounts (after the 1st of December) for the dashboard.

Also, any trader who joined FTUK before the 1st of December can still access the old dashboard via Given Link.

They also advised that All traders on the old dashboard should move to the new dashboard upon reaching the target.

Also, traders can get 5% off by using Forex Prop Reviews’ special discount code (forexpropreviews).

Happy trading, traders!

Enjoy the discount!

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