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Let’s see the journey of a My Forex Funds trader, who has earned $44,079.01

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Murtaza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds, a proprietary trading company established in July 2020. They have offices in Toronto, Canada. The firm provides three different account types for undercapitalized traders to get funded, as well as the opportunity to work with up to $2,020,000 in capital and earn up to 90% profit splits. They use Traders Global Group, whose servers are in Frankfurt, Germany, as their broker.

Their corporate headquarters are in Canada’s Great Lakes region.

My Forex Funds Trader Interview

The guest for the “Successful Trader Interview” series is Pat from Thailand. Pat is a funded trader with My Forex Funds and has earned $44,079.01.

Pat is 21. He is Thai and has worked for My Forex Funds for about four to five months as a funded trader.

Pat discussed various topics in this interview, including how he first became interested in trading. He thought finding a new source of income through trading was very nice. He got started when he was just 18 years old. Yes, three years have passed, and he is doing very well.

Discussing strategy, he claims that joining a trading community is a fantastic way for traders to connect with other traders worldwide and experience a sense of community.

He discusses how to handle losses, for instance, if traders have a perfect strategy that they are sure works and have back-tested for a very long time. He’ll back-test a strategy for five years, knowing it works in the long run. He said that there was no point in becoming upset over any trades. He believes that is the first and fastest way to win this game.

There is a lot more in this interview. Learn about trading psychology, profits, success, stop losses, and how traders must dedicate time to their trading.

Watch the video at the link below to learn more.

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