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2 weeks ago 0 1621
Court partially releases My Forex Funds assets amid CFTC lawsuit; legal battle intensifies.
4 weeks ago 0 1903
My Forex Funds regulatory issues in Ontario, Canada, case had a significant development recently.
1 month ago 0 3702
Learn the latest updates from 13 of the leading prop trading firms for the month of September.
2 months ago 0 1655
My Forex Funds filed a motion requesting a modification of the statutory restraining order.
2 months ago 0 2485
My Forex Funds has exclusively shared its first official legal statement regarding the lawsuit.
2 months ago 3 3524
In the wake of the My Forex Funds (MFF) scandal, Traders can get refunds on MFF challenges!
3 months ago 0 9335
Learn about a significant development in the ongoing MFF regulatory proceedings.
3 months ago 0 4047
MFF is facing severe allegations of Massive Fraud; Here are the details!
3 months ago 0 1947
My Forex Funds face regulatory challenges by having their trading activity and assets frozen.
3 months ago 2 9696
Commodity Futures Trading Commission Charges Against My Forex Funds explained.

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