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Murtaza Kazmi is the CEO of My Forex Funds, a proprietary trading company established in July 2020. They have offices in Toronto, Canada. They provide three different account types to choose from:

  • Rapid program accounts
  • Evaluation program accounts
  • Accelerated program accounts

The firm offers traders the opportunity to trade with $2,020,000 in capital and earn up to 90% profit splits. The firm supplies Traders Global Group, whose servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, as their broker.

My Forex Funds interview with Trader

My Forex Funds shared another interview from the “Successful Trader Interview” series. This time the Trader they are interviewing is Richard. Richard is a funded trader with My Forex Funds and has earned a total of $79,063.52

Richard, a 37-year-old Canadian who resides in Nova Scotia, has been training for seven years. An online broker initially approached him with a small account. He blew up that account in a week, and that’s how he got into trading. Then he was intrigued enough to continue and turn into a full-time professional trader.

He prefers the Prop Firm position because he believes it offers many advantages to all traders, regardless of how long they have been trading.

He looked at My Forex Funds and saw that they had a slight advantage over the competition, which piqued his interest.

The first payout came from just one account, while the second came from two. The commission was taken from his initial payout of about $20,000 and his upcoming payout of $34,000.

Although he can swing trading, his personality dictates that he sticks to the 15-minute window. He primarily trades in New York but will squeeze into London if he needs to catch up on the month and try to take advantage of opportunities there. He might want to lock in the capital for the month, depending on where he is in the quarter and his monthly goal.

His approach to risk management is a one-to-one ratio. He firmly believes that traders should focus on doing one thing, such as one trading system, and stick with it rather than trying to switch between many different types. He advised traders to start slowly and take only one or two daily trades. The more tired traders become over time, the worse it is. Traders need to be mindful that people are more attached to money than anything else – even when they say they aren’t.

Watch the video of My Forex Funds interview series for more details and trading advice and to see the charts:

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