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My Forex Funds changed their rules. Traders speaking – My Forex Funds deliver!

What will be new on the 1st of October 2021:

Minimal trading days only 5 (before was 10)

-Phase 1 and phase 2 of our Evaluation programme will see the Minimum Trading Days reduced from 10 to 5 days. As such, this improvement will give our traders a chance to move on within just a week, while making sure they don’t lose their accounts along the way.

No more limits regarding hedging

My Forex Funds have been building a larger back-end infrastructure in the past few months.

–From the 1st of October 2021, without penalty, unlimited hedging will be allowed in all evaluation accounts.

My Forex Funds discount code: forexpropreviews5

You can visit the My Forex Funds website here, or read the review here.

Check the full news here.

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