My Forex Funds’ Largest Payouts

My Forex Funds reveal their Last week’s Largest Payouts, Rate of return on accounts, and Evaluations. Traders, is this your time to shine?

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My Forex Funds is one of the top Forex Prop Trading Firms. It has established itself as the market leader. They have more than 300 employees worldwide and more than 2000 customers per day from all over the world. To provide Funded trading accounts to more people, My Forex Funds is currently working to expand its business into related niches.

For traders to begin their journey as Forex Funded Traders, My Forex Funds offers a variety of programs. Select one of their funding options, begin trading, and earn rewards and profit-sharing.

Depending on the trader’s experience, they offer funded traders a variety of product options. They encourage trading and guarantee that rules are adhered to. For traders with Forex-funded accounts, they offer Metatrader 4 and 5. Use the trading platform that traders prefer to trade easily!

Traders get their funded trader accounts immediately after the program purchase. No waiting, get the FOREX-funded account instantly upon purchase of the chosen program. Traders no longer have to wait to get started with My Forex Funds!

My Forex Funds is interested in assisting traders and helping them grow. They strive to provide programs, services, and information that assists people interested in the Forex, CFDs, or commodities markets to become more profitable, self-sustainable, and efficient when trading.

At My Forex Funds, they respect prospective traders’ insights, constructive criticism, and feedback.

5 Largest Payouts:

Last week, they have reported their 5 Largest payouts. (28th October- 3rd November)

Revealing last week’s top 5 largest payouts:

  1. 61,979.96 ($300,000 Evaluation)

21% Rate of return on account size

  • 42,958.18 ($300,000 Evaluation)

14% Rate of return on account size

  • 29,057.16 ($200,000 Evaluation)

15% Rate of return on account size

  • 28,704.58 ($200,000 Evaluation)

14% Rate of return on account size

  • 26,488.00 ($200,000 Evaluation)

13% Rate of return on account size

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