My Forex Funds Holiday Trading Schedule during Holidays!

My Forex Funds changes its trading schedule due to Thanksgiving Day. Times and dates are subject to change without prior notice.

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My Forex Funds is a proprietary trading firm founded in July 2020, whose CEO is Murtaza Kazmi. They have offices located in Toronto, Canada. The firm offers undercapitalized traders three different account types to get funded with and a chance to work with up to $2,020,000 in the capital while earning up to 90% profit splits. They provide themselves with their broker, Traders Global Group, whose servers are in Frankfurt, Germany.

Their corporate headquarters are in Canada’s Great Lakes region.

My Forex Funds wants to support and aid traders in their growth so the company can expand alongside them. They work hard to offer information, services, and programs to help their traders on their journey.

The firm highly values disciplined people who appropriately manage risk and concentrate on long-term consistency with their clients. They allow them to manage up to $2.020,000 in capital while receiving profit splits of up to 90%, which enables them to generate high profits.

My Forex Funds Trading Schedule

My Forex Funds announced that some of the instruments’ trading schedules would change on November 24 and 25 due to Thanksgiving Day. Traders should take note that all times and dates are GMT +2.

Due to low liquidity, spreads may be wider than during regular trading hours.

Dates and times are subject to modification without notice.

InstrumentsSymbols24th November25th November
Forex OpenOpen
Spot GoldXAUUSD01:00-21:2801:00 : 20:43
Spot SilverXAGUSD01:00-21:2801:00 : 20:43
Platinum/USDXPTUSD01:00-21:2801:00 : 20:43
Bitcoin/USDBTCUSD00:00-00:0000:00 – 20:13
Ethereum/USDETHUSD00:00-00:0000:00 – 20:13
Litecoin/USDLTCUSD00:00-00:0000:00 – 20:13
Dash/USDDSHUSD00:00-00:0000:00 – 20:13
USA 30 IndexUS3001:00-19:5301:00 – 20:08
Spain 35 IndexESP3509:00-21:0009:00 – 20:55
France 40 IndexFRA4009:00-23:0009:00 – 22:55
Germany 40 IndexGER3009:00-23:0009:00 – 22:55
S&P 500 IndexSPX50001:00-19:5301:00 – 20:08
Nasdaq 100 IndexNAS10001:00-19:5301:00 – 20:08
UK 100 IndexUK10009:00-23:0009:00 – 20:55
Crude Oil (Brent)UKOIL03:00-20:0803:00 – 20:23
Crude Oil (WTI)USOIL01:00-20:0801:00 – 20:23
Australia 200 IndexAUS20000:50-07:30; 08:10-22:0000:50 – 07:30; 08:10 – 21:45
Japan 225 IndexJPY22502:00-19:5302:00 – 20:08
Hong Kong 50 IndexHK5003:15-06:00, 07:00-10:30, 11:15-20:5903:15 – 06:00, 07:00 – 10:30, 11:15-20:55

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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