My Forex Funds: Halloween, Costumes, and Giveaways!

Halloween Party with My Forex Funds. Let’s take a look at this year’s looks. Giveaway and Costumes. Halloween Party Recap.

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MFF’s (My Forex Funds) whole business is dependent on their traders’ success. Based on the traders’ experiences, they offer funded traders a variety of product options. Carefully select the program that corresponds to traders’ Forex and Prop Firm trading experience.

My Forex Funds offer several programs, even for the newbies. They help the traders to get started as a forex-funded trader.

Traders can select one of their funding options, then begin trading to earn rewards and profit splits. Numerous programs are available from MFF to assist traders in beginning their careers as forex-funded traders.

This platform allows traders to earn rewards and profit divisions. When traders reach their first profit split, My Forex Funds pays a 112% refund.

When it comes to support and trading conditions, My Forex Funds will take care of the rest to ensure clients’ success.

Available Programs

Rapid: (with a little expertise)

  • Discover how prop firms operate. As traders gain experience, they get paid.
  • low entry barrier
  • Develop into a seasoned trader.

Evaluation: (Experienced)

  • Utilize their evaluation account to demonstrate traders’ expertise!
  • rapid two-phase evaluation procedure
  • broad drawdown restrictions
  • 85% of profits are distributed.

Accelerated: (makes a living by trading full-time)

  • With their accelerated funding, traders can get started right away.
  • leading-edge profit split
  • Rapid scaling
  • There are various sizes available.


There was no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a giveaway competition. My Forex Funds sponsored the giveaway. They sought out trading professionals’ funniest and most inventive Halloween costume photos.

They picked 5 winners, and the top 2 received $200,000 evaluation standard accounts from their evaluation program, while the remaining 3 each received a $100,000 evaluation standard account.

The three steps the contestants took were as follows:

  • Participants were following them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Liked and shared the My Forex Funds Facebook post about the giveaway competition.
  • Dressed up and shared their funniest and most creative photo with the hashtag #MFFhalloweenparty on Facebook or Instagram.

Anyone who included MFF elements earned extra points.

You can see the Halloween celebrations in this YouTube video:

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