My Forex Funds – Enjoy A 5% Discount!

Use our Discount code (forexpropreviews5) to avail a 5% discount for My Forex Funds!

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Hello Traders! We hope you are having a fantastic 2023. To make it even better, Forex Prop Reviews is here to remind you about the discount codes we offer for various firms. We not only keep you updated with the latest news, but we are also offering discounts, promos, and cashback links for different prop firms. Since the prop firm industry is gaining a lot of popularity, it is fitting to provide a discount to make your trading journey easy. My Forex Funds is one of the Prop Firms we offer discounts for. To get a 5% discount, use our special discount code (forexpropreviews5).

How to get My Forex Funds Discount Code

  • Let’s start with going to the My Forex Funds Website. Click on the option in the screen’s middle, ‘Start Now.’

Now, you can see different programs and account sizes that the firm offers. The firm provides three programs: Rapid, Evaluation, and Accelerated. The programs have different account sizes, Profit Targets, Minimum Trading Days, Daily Starting Drawdowns, etc. Traders can choose whatever suits them the most. To read the details of the programs, you can click on the link. We have a detailed review of My Forex Funds.

After selecting the plan, you will be taken to another window. Then you will have to choose the Consistency and the Trading Platform. When you have made the decision, click on ‘Register.’

The final step is finalizing your payment and completing the purchase. But before doing that, Paste the Discount Code (forexpropreviews5) in the ‘Coupon Code’ column. If you take a closer, you’ll see the discount is processed.

And that’s it. You have got your 5% discount. Enjoy! Happy Trading!

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