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Traders who want to level up their trading game, get this discount code of 5% for My Forex Funds Prop Company.

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My Forex Funds is a prop firm established in 2020. Qualified traders get access to company accounts of up to 2 million dollars. They are also entitled to keep a share of profits generated by trading activity.

Among all the prop trading companies, this is one that has grown the most in the last year (2021). They have reached more than 80,000 traders from about 150 different countries.

The profit split is also a reason why so many traders have decided to work with this firm. The benefits of these can reach up to 85% of profits managing an account of up to $2,020,000.

Another common rule is the 5% Maximum Daily Drawdown and 12% Maximum Overall Drawdown.

There are currently three funding programs offered by My Forex Funds, each of which requires only a single payment. There are no ongoing monthly fees—to gain access to the program or evaluation.

 With My Forex Funds Rapid accounts, traders can start making money right away. Without going through the evaluation process, a demo account enables the company to assess the trader. This helps to determine whether he or she has the skills necessary to trade a live-funded account.

This evaluation account is made for an intermediate trader. The trader in this account must follow a two-stage process that has requirements.

With My Forex Funds Accelerated, the third program, traders choose this account without an evaluation procedure or challenge. Traders can open a live-funded account and begin trading right away. A package intended for seasoned professional traders on the financial markets.

Discount Code for My Forex Funds

Nowadays, Traders are more interested in Prop Trading firms.

So, a discount code for My Forex Funds, a proprietary trading firm is being offered to all traders.

Enter the unique code (forexpropreviews5) in the ‘‘Coupon Code” fields at the checkout screen to receive a 5% discount.

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