Insights from City Traders Imperium Trader Interview

City Traders Imperium shares traders’ trading approach & his methods to bounce back from a losing streak.

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London, United Kingdom-based City Traders Imperium is a prop company. CTI offers day trading, standard, classic, and direct funding programs. The traditional and standard funding models are one-step evaluation models, whereas direct funding enables traders to forego the evaluation and begin making money immediately.

The day trading funding program, however, goes through a two-step evaluation. Each funding program also provides distinct scaling plans, enabling traders to open accounts with up to $2,000,000 in capital.

CTI enables traders to use a third-party program as their broker and trade on MetaTrader 5. Daniel Bautista incorporated them on July 13, 2018.

City Traders Imperium Trader Interview

City Traders Imperium shared an interview with its traders. In this interview, Curtis, the trader, explains his precise trading approach and the methods he employed to bounce back from a long losing streak (almost exceeding the maximum drawdown limit) and eventually reach the goal that enabled him to complete the CTI-funded challenge. Curtis is currently in charge of an account for $50,000.

The trader shared that he started trading two years ago and wanted to save up for an account; CTI gave him six to twelve months to reach the goal. He seized the chance because it was a fantastic opportunity that would allow him to focus on his objectives without accomplishing them. Additionally, he discussed how CTI’s videos and coaching helped him.

He discussed why he had a losing streak, how he bounced back from the streak, how CTI rules make traders better traders; his biggest struggle; his trade performance; his trading strategy; what he did after hitting his target; advice for future funded traders; and much more.

Many traders make this error, coming close to hitting the mark but then making foolish trades, deviating from their plans, and ultimately losing their accounts. Traders should watch this interview to avoid committing the same error.

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Happy trading!

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