recently, we have been working on a more sophisticated strategy gain calculation process. The results can be already seen in Purple Zone. This email will tell you more.
A more accurate strategy gain metrics
Starting from September 15, we are changing the way Purple Zone displays gain for investment strategies. Gain is a metric that is listed for every individual investment strategy clients can choose in Purple Zone. It is also a metric by which a final investment decision is often backed.

Higher strategy gain metrics accuracy will therefore lead to a higher degree of transparency.

Could a change of calculation of strategy gain be akin to data manipulation?

Exactly opposite. The previous method of calculating the strategy gain was slightly distorted by the data on closed positions of the disconnected client. Since the disconnection from the strategy is a step that is completely in the hands of the investor/client and not in the hands of the strategy provider himself, it did not make sense for us to have it reflected in the overall strategy gain metric. This change will therefore prevent possible manipulation.
At the same time, these closed positions will be removed from the strategy’s trading history. Clients who disconnect from the strategy, thereby closing the trading positions allocated to their investment accounts, will continue to see these trades in their Purple Zone.
 At Purple Trading, we pay attention to the highest degree of transparency and fairness. We firmly believe that this small change is, therefore, a step in the right direction.

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