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Today we’ll review 4 best high-yield RAMM strategies in the past month.

  • The javidish95LONG strategy proved to be the best performing strategy in August. Trading mainly the XAU/USD (gold) and USD/CAD, NZD/USD, AUD/NZD currency pairs, the trader reached 114.31% profitability in one month. Thus, if you had invested $5000 in this strategy in early August, you would have earned $10 715.5 profit in 1 month, without including the trader’s fee.
    Strategy status: Conservative.
  • In second place is Bogdan TR strategy that showed a 48.89% yield for the same period. Throughout the month, a trader opened most of his positions in stocks such as TSLA.US, MA.US, NKE.US. The strategy’s profitability for the entire lifetime is 176.83%.
    Strategy status: Aggressive.
  • The RAMM strategy called CASHFLOW showed a 34.35% profitability in August and took third place. The trader mainly placed positions in the GBP/USD, EUR/USD currency pairs and some positions in gold XAU/USD. The strategy’s profitability for the entire lifetime is 87.51%.
    Strategy status: Conservative.
  • The IRI FX STRATEGY FOR LOW FUNDS strategy ranks last in the list of highest-yielding RAMM strategies in August with a monthly yield of 28.40% and total profitability of 381.84%. Trading was mostly conducted in EUR/JPY. Some positions were also placed in the Russell 2000 index.
    Strategy status: Aggressive.

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