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FTUK Updates and improvements such as crypto trading, crypto payment and more!

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FTUK is a proprietary firm with an office based in the UK, London. They offer their traders up to three accounts with a £2,240,000 balance in size. As their broker, they use Eightcap. To become funded in the evaluation program, traders must pass their 1-Phase Evaluation Process.

After doing so, traders have specific Profit Targets that they must reach to scale their account balance. Upon successful completion, traders are rewarded with 50-80% profit splits and a double-up on their account balance.

  • Reliable support
  • Weekend and overnight positions allowed
  • News trading allowed
  • Zero commission or swap fees

FTUK Exciting Updates

FTUK has launched new exciting updates and improvements such as crypto trading, crypto payment, and more. The firm had not previously permitted traders to trade crypto and crypto payments. And now, in 2023, they are updating their rules.

So, Let’s take a look at the FTUK Updates:

  • FTUK is launching crypto trading. Crypto traders can now benefit through the firm’s funding programs and trade a whole range of crypto assets.
  • Another exciting update is that you get a 5% off your funding program joining fee when you pay with crypto. This automatically applies to all programs and orders.
  • Traders on raw accounts can now trade with lower commissions on Forex pairs. They are reduced from $7 to $4 per round full lot. (Commissions are not charged on Crypto, Commodities, or Indices).
  • The best prop firms are those that make payments quickly. So, FTUK is making trader payouts even quicker. They will now be making all profit payouts through Deel. To request a payout, click on the trader’s Dashboard metrics page.

Fantastic updates give traders a more comprehensive range of trading and payment options. So, FTUK is an excellent firm that offers two different funding programs that you can choose from. You can read the review to see what the firm offers and its trading objectives.

And if you find the firm interesting after reading the review and want to trade with them, don’t forget to use our discount code (forexpropreviews) for a 5% discount.

3 Replies to “FTUK Updates- Learn What’s New?”

  • Marek says:

    I don’t recommend FTUK

    I made it to the level 2 … I’m so happy and exited … I get an e-mail “We’ve assessed your account (xxxxxx) today and noticed that you are in violation of our trading rules. The rule that you’ve violated is the 1.5% max loss with soft breaches on your account.” When you don’t set the stop loss or set it incorrectly you get penalized and they close your trade and send you and e-mail “Our system will close your trade regardless of profit or loss, if you place the stop loss more than 1.5%.” “You should avoid violating our program terms which you’ve singed up to as it will result in account restrictions upon reaching the target or termination of your trading account if you continue to violate our trading rules.”

    “Even though this is a soft breach, it is extremely risky and therefore we have automatically closed the position(s), as it leaves your account exposed unnecessarily, and in trading, anything can happen at any time! It’s why all our traders should use a stop loss in the first place.”

    it says avoid … it doesn’t say you are not going to go through …

    So now they tell me that they will give me a voucher so that I can go through this again with them. So they will give me another chance to make them 1000$ … and god knows if I will be able to make the proper stop loss if i’m on mobile or whatever …

    I would recommend the aggressive mode if you are not sure about stop losses … other than that stay away … To me this seems like they don’t care and they just want to make money with as little profit sharing as possible. That is just my overall feeling …

    BTW i had 92 trades and 9 soft breach … Which I assumed were “soft” … you be the judge.

    • Prop Reviews says:

      Kindly note that with proprietary trading firms that limit your risk per position, or risk per multiple positions you should always use a risk calculator in order to properly set your stop-losses. Especially if you trade on a mobile device. This will enable you to properly set the risk according to the proprietary trading firm’s rule and prevent soft breaches from happening in the future.

      • Marek says:

        They were actually willing to work with me and passed me on to level 2 … For once I’m glad to be wrong. So please delete my original post. If not the we have worked it out with FTUK and now i’m at level 2, on top of that I had a one on one with one of their traders and explained how I can calculate properly the stop loss so that I don’t create these soft breaches. This is exactly what I expected … slap on the wrist … some knowledge transfer and opportunity to continue making money for us both.

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