CTI Rapid Scaling Plans – A New Update?

With the “Rapid Scaling Plans,” CTI is taking a significant stride towards prop trading revolution.

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City Traders Imperium (CTI) has officially announced its latest initiative to empower traders on their journey to success. With the “Rapid Scaling Plans,” CTI is taking a significant stride towards revolutionizing the world of prop trading. SCALE UP YOUR ACCOUNTS NOW!

CTI has long been recognized for its commitment to nurturing talent and providing traders with the tools and resources needed to achieve their full potential. This latest announcement is a testament to their dedication to traders’ growth and prosperity.

CTI Rapid Scaling Plans

CTI Rapid Scaling Plans- New Update

The Rapid Scaling Plans introduced by CTI are designed to further traders’ progress in the competitive world of prop trading. These plans involve all funding programs offered by CTI. It ensures that traders at every level can benefit from this exciting update. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, CTI’s Rapid Scaling Plans have something to offer for everyone. With the new Rapid Scaling Plans, traders will have the opportunity to scale up their Accounts faster than ever.

Enhanced Resources. CTI is committed to providing traders with the best tools and resources available. 

Expert Guidance. CTI’s team will be readily available to guide traders through every step of their journey. This level of support ensures that traders have the expertise they need to thrive.

Traders eagerly anticipate the opportunities and benefits that CTI’s Rapid Scaling Plans will bring to their prop trading careers.

About the Firm

CTI is a proprietary firm based in the UK, London. CTI offers day trading, instant funding, and direct funding programs. Instant funding programs are one-step evaluation programs, while direct funding allows traders to skip the evaluation and start earning from the start. On the other hand, the day trading funding program is a two-step evaluation. All of the mentioned funding programs also offer unique scaling plans that allow you to acquire capital up to $2,000,000 per account. CTI allows you to trade on MetaTrader5 while using a tier-1 liquidity provider with the best simulated real market trading conditions as their broker.

For more details about the firm, click here. Also, use our Discount Code (CTI10%) for a 10% Discount. 

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