City Traders Imperium Swap Fees: New Adjustments!

City Traders Imperium has shared a significant reduction in swap fees, by approximately 50%.

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City Traders Imperium (CTI) has shared a significant reduction in swap fees, slashing rates by approximately 50% from their previous levels. This adjustment is set to immediately benefit traders by reducing their trading costs and enhancing potential profitability.

CTI’s decision to lower swap fees comes in response to valuable feedback from its trading community. Swap fees, also known as rollover fees, are charged when a position is held overnight. By halving these fees, CTI aims to make trading more cost-effective and lucrative for its clients.

So, the firm is happy to announce some fantastic improvements to its swap fees based on your valuable feedback. They are slashing the swap fees by around 50% of the old swap rates! This change will enhance your trading journey by significantly reducing costs and maximizing your gains.

City Traders Imperium Swap Fees: Slashing Rates by 50%?

Moreover, the reduction in swap fees is part of CTI’s broader strategy to support its traders through efficient cost management and superior trading conditions. By lowering operational costs, traders can retain more of their profits, aligning with CTI’s mission to help traders succeed in the uncertain world of prop trading.

This initiative highlights CTI’s responsiveness to trader needs and its proactive approach to market conditions. The firm continues to innovate and adjust its offerings to ensure it remains a preferred choice for traders seeking advantageous terms and reliable support.

CTI’s enhanced swap conditions are going to attract both existing and new traders, reinforcing the firm’s position as a leader in the proprietary trading industry. This move not only demonstrates CTI’s dedication to its clients but also sets a new standard for trader-centric policies in the market.

About the Firm

City Traders Imperium encourages aspiring traders to achieve financial freedom, no matter their background or where they come from. They bring over four decades of collective experience, providing traders around the globe with unique solutions. Traders have the opportunity to earn substantial profits, with the flexibility to manage account sizes up to $100,000 and receive up to 100% profit splits.

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