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CTI continues to strengthen its presence by announcing the inclusion of the Netherlands 25 (N25).

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CTI is known for the multiple assets it offers its traders, and it continues to have this reputation. City Traders Imperium continues to strengthen its presence in the Prop industry by announcing the inclusion of the Netherlands 25 Index (N25) in its trading instruments. This move allows traders associated with the firm to tap into the dynamic Dutch market, offering new opportunities for diversification and profit potential. After RUS2000, SWI20, and ES35, they have also added The Netherlands 25 Index (N25) for trading.

The Netherlands 25 Index is commonly referred to as N25. It is a comprehensive share market index comprising 25 of the most heavily traded securities on the Euronext Amsterdam. N25 is also known as the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Moreover, Adding N25 to City Traders Imperium’s portfolio marks a significant step towards expanding its global reach and providing traders access to a wider range of assets.

City Traders Imperium N25

City Traders Imperium New Trading Instrument- Netherlands 25 (N25)

N25 is meticulously designed to represent the Dutch equities market. This offers exposure to various sectors such as technology, finance, healthcare, and more. This index’s inclusion reflects City Traders Imperium’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the prop industry. Also, the firm is catering to the diverse trading needs of its community.

Traders can now take advantage of the wealth of opportunities the Dutch economy presents through N25. Also, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is renowned for its liquidity and stability, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a reliable trading instrument.

However, City Traders Imperium encourages its traders to explore N25 and leverage the resources available on its platform. Traders can access various tools and information. This includes historical data, charts, technical analysis, and other resources, to enhance their decision-making processes.

The expansion of City Traders Imperium’s trading portfolio to include the Netherlands 25 Index reflects their continuous commitment to providing traders with access to diverse global markets and opportunities for growth. So, traders can look forward to exploring this new avenue and potentially capitalizing on the vibrant Dutch equities market.

About the Firm

CTI has extensive expertise over an accumulated four decades. It allows its traders to trade multiple assets and experiences, providing them with robust solutions. The firm has a goal for its clients: a path towards financial freedom. This can be achieved by joining one of the three available funding programs.

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