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City Traders Imperium has removed their Max Lot Size Allowance rule due to their traders misunderstanding it.

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City Traders Imperium is here with an important leverage update. They have decided to remove their Max Lot Allowance rule, but consequentially they are lowering their leverage from 100:1 to 10:1. This decision was because many traders misunderstood the Max Lot Allowance rule and violated it.

Current Max Lot Allowance Rule:

Changing the leverage to 10:1 will result in more room to open more lots without worrying you have breached a rule or not.

Your Max Lot Sizes would be around:

In conclusion, the Max lot exposure rule was eliminated. City Traders Imperium’s funded traders cannot violate it anymore due to misunderstanding how the rule works.

The leverage update to 10:1 also eliminates the chances of violating it and saving you time in the process.

Depending on your initial account balance, you can use the Myfxbook margin calculator to see how many lots you can trade.

You can learn more about City Traders Imperium on our updated prop firm review by clicking here.

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