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City Traders Imperium is a proprietary trading firm that offers a wide range of funding programs for forex traders worldwide.

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City Traders Imperium is a proprietary trading firm that offers a wide range of funding programs for forex traders worldwide. They have been in the industry since July 2018 and have prepared quite a few attractive funding programs for any individual since then. That being said, let’s go through their funding programs!

1. Day Trading Funded Trader Program

  • 2-step challenge model, up to 90 days.
  • This funding model has short-term traders who have a higher risk appetite in mind, allowing more aggressive trading with a more significant drawdown. 
  • What’s interesting about their funding is their 1st phase challenge is 45 days instead of the usual 30 days that you find with other prop firms.

2. Standard Funding Evaluation Program

  • Up to 6 months 
  • For medium-risk traders, who prefer fewer limitations on the time frame and more balanced and flexible rules.
  • With this option, the funding is offered based on fixed drawdown (loss from initial balance) only, and they have very simple rules to follow and give you the time you need to achieve their profit target.

3. Classic Funding Evaluation Program

  • Up to 1 year 
  • With up to a year to pass, this is for the lower-risk trader with the longest time limits, allowing stress-free trading.
  • This option gives you the longest time, which is more suitable for traders who might require a longer time to accommodate their strategy or lifestyle.

4. Direct Funding Program

  • For professional traders, no evaluation process and no time limits.
  • Meanwhile, with direct funding, you are given the opportunity to save time and start earning from day 1 with no limits on where you can withdraw or minimum days requirements.
  • Of course, with this option, you should already have a profitable strategy so you can focus on making money instead of wasting your time on passing an evaluation or a challenge.

City Traders Imperium funding program comparison spreadsheet

Funding programDay Trading Funded Trader ProgramStandard Funding Evaluation ProgramClassic Funding Evaluation ProgramDirect Funding Program
Time Limit45 + 45 Calendar days6 Months1 YearNone
Minimum Active Trading Days10 + 10 Calendar days30 Calendar days30 Calendar daysNone
Profit Target10% + 5%9%7%10%
(To scale and double the account size)
Max Daily Drawdown4%NoneNoneNone
Max Overall Drawdown10% Absolute5% Absolute5% Relative5% Absolute
Profit SplitUp to 100%Up to 100%Up to 100%Up to 100%

As you can see, City Traders Imperium are not about selling unreasonable trading conditions to traders trying to reach success but rather about offering traders the proper funding that fits alongside their trading model, allowing traders to trade on their own rules, so City Traders Imperium can see their own goals through; to see traders reaching success and changing their lives and the lives of those closest to them.

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You can visit the City Traders Imperium website or read our review.

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