City Traders Imperium Account Sizes- New Update?

City Traders Imperium proudly introduces new account sizes across all its funding programs.

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City Traders Imperium has announced exciting developments for traders worldwide. City Traders Imperium is proud to introduce new account sizes across all its funding programs. The prop firm has always been committed to providing a supportive environment for traders to grow and thrive in the trading markets. With this latest announcement, they are taking this commitment to the next level. This will make it even easier for traders to access funding and achieve their trading goals.

The expansion of account sizes means that traders can now choose from a wider range of options tailored to their individual trading preferences and strategies. This flexibility ensures that both new and experienced traders can find the perfect fit for their needs within City Traders Imperium.

City Traders Imperium Account Sizes

City Traders Imperium New Account Sizes

Moreover, the expanded range of account sizes provides opportunities for traders at all levels, from beginners looking to gain experience to seasoned professionals seeking higher capital allocation. Also, City Traders Imperium continues to offer traders the ability to earn funding based on their trading performance. The new account sizes allow traders to set their sights on specific funding targets that align with their goals. The New Account Sizes will give more flexibility for traders. Traders can now choose Account Size according to their Preference.

This expansion reinforces City Traders Imperium’s position as a prop firm dedicated to supporting traders in their pursuit of success. By offering a wider array of account sizes, they aim to create a more inclusive trading environment that caters to traders with varying levels of experience and capital requirements.

As the prop world continues to evolve, City Traders Imperium remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions for traders worldwide. This move to diversify account sizes is a testament to their commitment to fostering talent and enabling traders to reach their full potential.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • Unlimited time to pass the challenge (Instant funding accounts)
  • 45 Calendar days to pass each stage of the Day Trading Funding program
  • No maximum daily loss rule (Instant funding accounts)
  • A good education for traders
  • CTI propitiatory Risk Manager Tool
  • News trading is allowed

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