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The 5%ers have shared two game-changing features of their Bootcamp Program. Learn more!

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The 5%ers have shared two game-changing features of their Bootcamp Program. These innovations, aimed at empowering traders and safeguarding their investments, are going to redefine the landscape of prop.

First-Step Bonus. Effective from September 18th, The 5%ers introduced the First-Step Bonus, a reward system that promises to elevate the trading experience. Traders who successfully complete the first evaluation step within the program will now receive HUB credits as a well-deserved incentive. 

Daily Pause Protection for Funded Accounts. Another remarkable enhancement to The 5%ers’ Bootcamp Program is the introduction of the Daily Pause on Funded Accounts. This groundbreaking feature, which went live on September 18th, provides automatic protection to newly funded accounts. It prevents traders from losing more than 3% of their account balance in a single trading day. This safety net is poised to significantly reduce risk and enhance overall trading performance.

Bootcamp Program Features

The 5%ers Bootcamp Program Features

The implementation of Daily Pause protection has already yielded astounding results in The 5%ers’ Hyper-growth program. Traders have witnessed substantial performance improvements when this feature was activated. This innovation not only mitigates potential losses but also offers traders peace of mind as they navigate the dynamic world of trading.

It is essential to note that these two remarkable features, the First-Step Bonus and Daily Pause on Funded Accounts, apply exclusively to new accounts within The 5%ers’ Bootcamp Program. This move underscores The 5%ers’ commitment to nurturing and rewarding budding traders while safeguarding their interests. As traders embrace these enhancements, the road to success in the trading world has never looked more promising.

About the Firm

Here are some interesting facts about the firm:

  • Low-entry cost Bootcamp Challenge
  • Traders community
  • News trading allowed
  • Overnight & over the weekend holding allowed
  • Algo trading allowed
  • Advanced dashboard

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