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BluFX has just announced that within the coming weeks they will be changing their trading platform from MT4 to CTrader.

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BluFX is here with an important announcement!

BluFX has just announced that within the coming weeks they will be changing their trading platform from MT4 to CTrader. The reasoning behind the decision was that they want more control over the ecosystem that their traders operate within, and based on that the best move is to change their trading platform.

In addition to all the mentioned news, another update will consist of adding indices to their trading products. All the new features will allow them to have their own app and integrate lots of new features to boost all of their trader’s productivity.

With so much information and new features coming in the coming weeks, comment below what do you think about them! Are you looking forward to all the upgrades and changes BluFX has ready for us?

BluFX has a 15% cashback option for those who purchase a challenge through our affiliate link

You can visit the BluFX website, or read our review.

5 Replies to “BluFX trading platform change”

  • Kings says:

    Blufx should try as much as posible to make both mt4 and C trader an option to trade with as it will not be wise scraping mt4.have used c trader and it’s a complicated system that is not straight forward.please and order for blufx not to loss customer and bring in more traders,would advice it should be an option.

    • Prop Reviews says:

      For now, they are only offering cTrader, however, in the future, we have no information if they are going to bring MetaTrader 4 back. If a huge part of their community will request it, there is always a chance. We will have to wait and see how their community reacts to cTrader and based on that we will see what they decide to do in the future.

  • David says:

    I recently started trading with Blufx and was glad that they switched to ctrader platform. I find it more advanced and sophisticated with nice features which help me when I’m trading.

  • Koko says:

    Hi there,

    How exactly does their 15% cashback work?

    • Prop Reviews says:

      Cashback works like this: You simply register and purchase the challenge through our affiliate link. 30 calendar days after your purchase, you must send us a confirmation on our email: [email protected], and after we check and approve the confirmation that you bought the account through our affiliate link we send you cashback through PayPal or BTC wallet.

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